Used Haworth furniture is within your grasp… and your price range!



Are you in need of some new cubicles for your business?  Perhaps your current office chairs are starting to fail?  Keeping your office furniture in good shape is important to keep up morale and productivity, as well as making an impression on clients and business associates.  Purchasing all new office furniture can be expensive, though, but buying cheap off brands can hurt you more in the long run.  Here at Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we bring you the top quality office furniture, like used Haworth furniture, from the most trusted names in the business, and we make it affordable so your business can have professional looking, reliable, durable office furniture.


The Haworth Premise 8×8 cubicle is another fantastic Haworth product.  Haworth puts forth an exceptional amount of time and money in order to make sure their designs are exceptional.  They’ve spent decades studying people and how they work in order to produce office furniture that works for them!  The Haworth Premise Enhanced cubicle is a great example of the incredible items they create as a result of just that.


The Premise Enhanced workstation has plenty of work room.  A 48”x24” corner serves as an anchor point for two returns – one measuring 24”x48”, the other 18”x24” so your workers have plenty of space to accommodate their work throughout the day.


This Haworth workstation has a BBF pedestal, which is standard for most cubicles, but it’s also got two open shelves that can be used for a variety of things.  Store office materials there, prop up framed awards, or just pictures of loved ones to encourage you along the way!  There is also a task light to illuminate a specific portion of the work surface a little bit better, when needed.


This Premise cubicle is another item coming in a wonderful neutral color scheme to help it fit best in any situation, but instead of being on the cooler end of the spectrum with grey-blues and the like, it’s a warm vanilla scheme, with ‘biscotti’ colored fabric covered cubicle walls, sturdy beige laminate, and a darker shade of the same as trim.


One great offering we currently have in stock is this Haworth Unigroup 5’X5′ cubicle.  Standing at only 42” tall, this bright, unimposing structure can fit right in with an office that fosters communication between employees and a group oriented atmosphere.


Each station comes equipped with a durable grey speckled laminate work surface.  This is made up of one 36”x24” corner, and two returns measuring 24”x24” each.  In addition to plenty of work surface this used Haworth cubicle has a 24” FF pedestal and a 24” BBF pedestal for any storage needs.  Not only does it have storage and ample work surface, but it also has you covered as far as power goes as well, with three circuit power down the spine.


This Haworth Unigroup cubicle has feather grey fabric covered walls, a greyscale speckled laminate work surface, and dark smoke trim.  Understated greys that will fit in and match the mood of any environment!


If you have a specific idea in mind for what you’re looking for, let us know!  We’re always glad to help hunt down the perfect fit for your situation.  We have an enormous inventory from which to choose, full of the highest quality office furniture on the market, including everything from office chairs to files.  Let us know what you’re looking for–whether it is great quality used Haworth furniture, or something else–and we’ll be more than glad to serve your business today.

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