Used Office cubicles at low low prices in Cleveland, Ohio!



Are you looking for a more affordable way to furnish your Cleveland, Ohio office space?  Don’t settle for lesser quality just because the economy is hard – you’ll end up replacing cheaper furniture a few years down the road, negating any short term savings they brought you.  A solid long term investment in your business is purchasing the higher end brands of office furniture used, like our used office cubicles, so you can get it at the more affordable prices you seek.  That is where we can help.


The Steelcase Avenir 80

Measuring a spacious 8’x12′ and 60” high, this remanufactured Steelcase cubicle offers a different level of privacy, more on par with having a small private office!  This is even more the case once you realize that each cubicle has its own attached door, as well.  Keep nosy coworkers at bay and help employees have better focus with this privacy preserving Avenir cubicle.


This exceptional cubicle has plenty of room to work, with one 42”x60” extended corner,  one 24”x30” rectangular work surface, and a 30”x60” D-top.  Space for storage isn’t an issue, either, since this Steelcase Avenir workstation comes complete with a 60” overhead bin and a BBF file.  Of course, in a cubicle of this size there’s always room for additional lateral files or even a bookshelf to be added in if needed.


This spacious Avenir cubicle comes in flexible neutral colors.  The panel fabric is Burch Dayton Honey.  The sturdy laminate work surfaces and all the painted trim and storage options are a matching light grey. 


The Steelcase Enhanced 9000

These are wonderful, roomy 7’x6′ corner stations by Steelcase.  Standing at 65” at its highest height and 53” at its lowest, this cubicle provides an excellent private work area that allows for plenty of space to get work done.  The work surface itself is made of a 42″ corner, a 24″x42″ rectangular surface, and a 24″x30″ rectangular surface.


Storage is certainly never an issue for the Enhanced 9000 cubicle!  Not only does it have one BBF pedestal and one FF pedestal, it also has a built in 42” overhead bin, as well as a 42” half height shelf.  Aside from storage, another bonus to this Steelcase cubicle is the fact that it has two task lights as well!


Steelcase is a name that has become synonymous with quality.  That’s why we don’t hesitate to acquire used Steelcase products in great condition so we can offer them to you – we can trust that this office furniture will meet the standard of exceptional quality and durability to which we hold every item in our inventory.  We’re proud to have on hand today these two types of wonderful used Steelcase cubicles, as well as a wide selection of other used office cubicles for your Cleveland business.  Contact us today to see how these could work for you!

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