We have the best prices for used Steelcase office furniture in Detroit!



Integrity Wholesale Furniture understands the plight of refurnishing your office. That’s why we’re here! Since we know that offices need good quality office furniture, but often either don’t want to spend the money for top brand furniture or don’t have it in their budgets, so we offer a better alternative to access this kind of high quality product. We deal in used office furniture, like used Steelcase furniture, which can help your Detroit business in a number of different ways.


In all likelihood you have reservations about purchasing used furniture when you’re looking to replace your own used furniture. It should be noted, however, that all of our used office furniture in our inventory is 8/10 quality or better. We make sure that we thoroughly inspect every last item that comes into our possession to make sure that it will faithfully uphold the expectations that you would have of the brand which made it.


If you’re looking for office cubicles, then you’re in luck. We have everything from small telemarketing stations, to modest 6×6 cubicles, to spacious 8×8 cubicles, to variations that are even larger. We make sure that we have this variety because we know that every business has different needs. Our individual attention to our customers will always be our priority. We’ll make sure that you find what you need, whether it’s this Steelcase Answer 5.5×5, or something else.


There are a variety of other office essentials that we carry as well, including Filing Cabinets, used office seating and more. Filing cabinets are absolutely critical to keeping your paper documents secure, safe, and confidential. Some of the filing cabinets even have fire proofing. One of our more popular files is this Fire King 4 drawer vertical file, which offers compact and efficient filing for your business!


We pride ourselves on our relationships with our customers, so we look forward to hearing any questions you might have, as well as working with you to help you get the solution you need. If you’re looking to get rid of your old office furniture, you should know that we also office an office furniture buy-back program. We offer you one price up front once we evaluate the furniture, so you know exactly what you’re getting.


As always, we appreciate that you are taking the time to read our blog about our used office furniture, and would invite you to get in touch with us, whether you’re looking to purchase some used Steelcase furniture, or if you’re looking for something particular for your Detroit business.

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