We have the best deals for your Indianapolis business on used AO2 cubicles and more!



Throughout the years, Herman Miller has proven to be the most sought after out of any office furniture brand. This might be because of the century the company has dedicated to improving and perfecting industrial design of the workplace. From their office seating to their thoughtful cubicles, basically all of their products are delicately engineered to make sure that your employees. Despite the quality of this furniture, many businesses still find that it is too pricey or simply not in their budget. If your business needs to replace your furniture, however, Integrity Wholesale Furniture offers you a better alternative to off brands. We have all of the top name brands that you know, like Herman Miller, but for less because we sell it used. All of our inventory is 8/10 quality or better so you won’t get something that is worse for wear.  Now is the perfect time for you to upgrade your Indianapolis office’s furniture to those used AO2 cubicles for less than you thought possible!


Short for Action Office 2, the AO2 cubicle, as it has come to be known, is a staple in the modern American office place. With dozens of different configurations, its versatility lends utility and function to nearly every industry.

Herman Miller was founded in the early 20th century as a furniture company named Star Furniture Company, but was renamed due to the positive influence of a man named Herman Miller. As the years went on, the company survived the Great Depression and earned a seat at the top of the office furniture industry due to the careful craft of their designs.


If you’re looking for office cubicles like the AO2, it just so happens that we have plenty in stock. For example, we have the Herman Miller AO2 6×8 with 67 inch tall partitions. Cubicles like these will serve you exceptionally into the future. It’s a great purchase because you are reducing corporate waste by giving the furniture a second life. You also have the benefit of our expertise and inspection which will ensure that your new cubicle enjoys a long life with you.


We have plenty of other great used office furniture options as well, including but not limited to used office chairs and files. Our office seating inventory is extensive and varied, including items that are tailored uniquely for executive suites all the way to standard classics, like Herman Miller Mirra Chairs.


As always, we appreciate that you took time to see some of the offerings which we have. We encourage you to give us a call or contact us through our site so we can figure out the best solution for you, whether it is our used AO2 cubicles, or anything of our other great pieces of used office furniture.

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