Learn About How Cubicles Make Offices A Better Place!



Somehow, the office cubicle got off on the wrong foot with many employees. Maybe it’s from portrayals of office angst in the 90’s from classic films like Office Space. Regardless of how it happened though, most people don’t like the idea of spending all of their work days in a cubicle.

*Except* this is simply not the truth.

Millions of workers across the US have extremely happy work lives, thanks largely to their office cubicles. The Cubicle industry, like everything else that has had time to grow, has had the ability to diversify and expand.

Regardless of what your business does, there is a cubicle that is ideal for your workers. A cubicle is a place for your employees to make into their own… it’s quite literally their home away from home, and that’s why we carry a variety of sizes and styles so that regardless of how your office is set up, you’ll find something that can go along with the general design aesthetic.

All of the brands we carry—industry leaders—have done enormous amounts of research to study how people work. Prior to cubicles, offices were set up more like classrooms with rows of employees working in the same essential space. Cubicles were actually revolutionary, because they allowed people to work in their own space, in the way that makes them most productive.

Some of the desks on the cubicles are more open, which allows more easy collaboration, as well as a less constrictive feel. An example of what we have for this category are our used Steelcase Avenir 8×12 cubicles.

If you’re looking for something that helps your employees focus on the work before them, a more enclosed desk is generally preferable, like these used Haworth Premise 6×6 cubicles.

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