Steelcase Enhanced 9000 90×70

Make: Steelcase Enhanced 9000
Size: 90x70
Quantity: 160
Quick Ship: Yes
Phone: 440-967-7718 or 440-683-4385


Steelcase Enhanced 9000 90×70 (7.5×6) cubicles with 64″ high panels on the spine and first panel off, step-down to 54″ high with 24×54 wing panel. Power down the spine with (2) receptacles per station and base-in power feeds. Each station has 90″ or 7.5 feet of overhead closed storage, with a task light. The primary 30×70 worksurface has a 30″ FF locking pedestal and the 25×60 worksurface has a 25″ deep BBF locking pedestal. Stations are sold in packs of 8.
Product comes out in phases at approximately 100 at a time every 5 weeks. Starting August 1st 2013.
Finishes: 4606 Mist paint with Z005 light gray fabric and 6609 plastic

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