A few things to look at before buying used office furniture for your Cleveland, Ohio office.



There are three main qualities that you are looking for when purchasing office furniture. When you’re buying office furniture, you need to be mainly concerned with how economical it is, whether its designed with efficiency in mind, and if it looks the way you want it to. Before you rush into a purchase, here are a few key points to consider when purchasing used office furniture for your Cleveland, Ohio business:


  • Does the furniture you are considering add productivity to your workplace? For instance, the cubicles that you purchase can have a huge effect on how your business runs. With higher walls you get more privacy and noise cancellation. Shorter walls make communication easier and add openness. Layout can determine whether you are making the most of your office space.
  • Are you looking to buy office furniture that can adapt easily to change? Does your office furniture allow you to alter options, like adding glass tiles quickly and easily?
  • Is your office furniture an asset to your business? Is it durable and will it last long? Can it be easily taken apart, disassembled, or moved without damaging the components?
  • Does the aesthetic of your office express the image you want to demonstrate to your employees or customers? With most businesses, it makes a huge difference if you can strike a balance between Comfortable, Welcoming, and Professional.
  • Are the office chairs you are looking at appropriate for your employees? Depending on the body types of your employees, they will need different kinds of support. Being supported properly can help blood flow more naturally, and avoid back injuries and the like.


These are just a few of the important factors to consider when buying used office furniture. Integrity Wholesale Furniture is committed to helping you save cash, improve efficiency, and create the look you want for your office.


Feel free to contact one of our representatives to find out how we can help you make the most of your Cleveland, Ohio Office with our used office furniture.

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