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Here at Integrity Wholesale Furniture we carry only the top of the line names in office furniture like Steelcase, Herman Miller, and Haworth. We offer the best prices on used office furniture.  If you’re familiar with the world of quality office furniture, you are likely familiar with these names and the quality they bring to their products.  However, these manufacturers produce various lines of systems office furniture which carry along with them their own unique traits and strengths, as well.  So what’s the difference between a Resolve cubicle or an Ethospace cubicle?  Here’s a quick guide to acquaint you with the general differences between three systems we frequently have available for your Cleveland, Ohio business.


Herman Miller Resolve

Inspired by the natural world, Herman Miller’s Resolve systems office furniture works to create a comfortable environment that promotes productivity and communication.  All aspects of the Herman Miller Resolve line of systems office furniture were designed to contribute to a work environment that is open but structured.  For example, rigid traditional panels are replaced by lightweight screens and canopies which can be easily moved and reconfigured to provide more privacy, or a more open work area.  Herman Miller Resolve systems office furniture is 59% recyclable.


Herman Miller Ethospace

High tech performance and flexible durability – Ethospace in a nutshell.  Designed to be ultra-durable, the Herman Miller Ethospace system is constructed of strong steel frames that can stand up to years of use, and whose dependable structures won’t be lessened by multiple configurations.  With a large, accommodating capacity regarding the various technological requirements of your business, Ethospace is a sophisticated solution, however demanding your needs may be.  Herman Miller Ethospace systems office furniture is 78% recyclable.


Herman Miller Action

Having withstood the test of time, the Action office design has endured as a classic solution for over four decades.  What has made this so is the fact that all components are practical, space-efficient and built to last.  Quality office furniture needs to not only retain its value and quality over the years, but to be adaptable so that it doesn’t need replaced for not being able to suit the changing as the needs of your business over the years.  The Herman Miller Action system was designed to be able to do this as needed, and all new parts and components are created to blend and work seamlessly with older components.  This results in you having the assurance that your investment won’t become outdated and incompatible with newer additions.  Herman Miller Action  systems office furniture is 25% recyclable.


If you’re interested in knowing what products from any of the above we have available for your business, contact us or check out our online inventory!  Regardless of whether you’re looking for great furniture from Herman Miller or any other vendor, we have the best prices on used office furniture.

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