Cleveland’s best value on used Haworth Office furniture!



There are many different factors to consider when you’re looking to improve your business in Cleveland.  Sometimes what office furniture you use falls by the wayside because of all the other factors swirling around, clamoring for your attention and consideration.  However, your office furniture is not something to take lightly – what else contributes so much to the overall atmosphere of your work place, they way clients and partners perceive your business, and affect the health and morale of your employees? That’s why we have great used office furniture from dependable companies like Haworth. These are three big things to keep in mind when ensuring the success of your business, and as always, Integrity Wholesale Furniture is here to help you along the way.


Today we’re pleased to talk about some of the wonderful Haworth products currently in stock!  More specifically, the Haworth Premise cubicle and the Haworth Improv task chair. Both are wonderful products from Haworth, a well-known name in the world of office furniture thanks to their record of creating top notch quality products.


The Haworth Premise cubicle truly has everything.  It’s got tons of work space, consisting of a 48”x30” corner, a 24”x30” return. The Haworth Premise Enhanced cubicle comes equipped with a tasklight and power down the spine.  These serve to ensure there are always options for additional light when needed, and a convenient source of power to keep your business up and running.


One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked about this cubicle is the ample storage space it has to offer.  In addition to a 24” BBF pedestal, it boasts two open shelves (measuring 36” and 48”).  There’s more than enough room for all the various office necessities your employees could need.


The Haworth Improv task chair is a diverse chair for any office because it’s comfortable and mobile – the star shaped base holds wheels for easy rolling around a work space, and wide, rounded armrests provide needed comfort.  The black base, frame, and armrests of the chair are easy to clean and maintain, thanks to the durable and low-maintenance materials from which they are constructed.


This comfy office chair has a fully cushioned cloth-covered back and seat.  The chairs we currently have in stock are a memorizing multicolored checkered pattern in rich jewel tones – interesting and eye catching, but not overwhelming.


Integrity Wholesale Furniture can offer you great values on used Haworth office furniture products like the ones listed above – and more!  We absolutely understand wanting to make the most of your money, and we’re glad to provide such great products at affordable prices!  Be sure to contact us with any questions about our office furniture, or to find out more about the many ways we can serve you for all your office furniture needs.

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