Haworth Premise 8’x8′ 64″ high panels

Make: Haworth Premise
Size: 8x8
Quantity: 80
Quick Ship: Yes
Phone: 979-865-1800


Fabric: Spindrift SL-FN Tumbleweed with SY-AA Jabberwocky Wabe accents
Trim: TR-K Charcoal
Laminate: H-AE Maple
Each Unit Consists Of: (2) 48″x24″ Corners (1) 48″x24″ Return (1) 18″x24″ (1) 48″ Open Shelf (1) Flipper Door (1) Task Light (1) Box Box File. Power down spine and 1st panel off spine. 3 duplexes per station.
Condition: 8.5
Location: Stockton, CA
Available: Now

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