How can a drab office hurt your business?



There are quite a few different unseen and unnoticed issues that the average office worker faces that can affect the quality of their work. If an employee’s workspace is too drab, suffocating, or closed off, it can drastically affect their productivity, as well as the general quality of their work, according to a study by Scientific American. There is a reason every employee’s inter-office dream is “the corner office with a view.” Naturally, every worker needs to have motivation to work well beyond the task at hand. The study explains that a number of other factors such as a temperature, office layout, the type of furniture you use, and the colors of your office can all predetermine how successful any given office’s employees will be. Your Cincinnati, Ohio business is no different.

Naturally, your office furniture is the most variable aspect of your workspace, and coincidentally, the one you have most control over. You can’t give every one of your workers a corner office, unless you have a hexagonal floor plan or something crazy like that. What you CAN do is make sure that their cubicle is comfortable and welcoming. By taking the approach of having consideration for all of your employees’ individual spaces, you can encourage them to be more energetic and productive, which translates directly into more success for your business.

In order to do this, you need to bring out the full potential of your office by maximizing space, and choosing furniture that compliments your workplace environment. Integrity Wholesale Furniture is committed to working with businesses to find the solutions that work for them at a fraction of the price. It’s simple! We offer the best quality of pre-owned office furniture. Add in the talents of experienced designers and office experts that come along with shopping with us, and you have a low cost formula for success at the work place.

We have a number of ways that we can work with your office to provide additional customization. With most cubicle units, we can alter colors, configurations, and possibly even more. Just remember, if your office seems drab and your numbers are down, there’s a cost-effective way to remedy it.

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