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At Integrity Wholesale Furniture we carry a wide variety of cubicles and workstations to suit the varying needs of Cleveland, Ohio businesses so you can create the perfect work environment for your employees in an environmentally friendly, cost-efficient way.  From the tall-sided, three-walled office cubicles we’re all familiar with, to the open workstations with sides so low they’re barely there – we have it all.

In recent years, a popular trend when designing or reconfiguring an office space is going for a more open, free-flowing, bright atmosphere.  They’re said to contribute to more collaborative and pleasant work environments, and encourage communication between coworkers.

But is this just a passing fad, or the perfect solution for your business?  When deciding whether to jump on this hot trend, or stick with something tried and true, here are a few things to consider from Integrity Wholesale Furniture.

Benefits of Open Concept Designs/Open Workspaces

An open concept office has often been said to allow for better communication between co-workers.  It’s easier to exchange information and keep constant dialogue throughout the day when each employee isn’t isolated in a traditional, higher-walled cubicle.

This openness can foster a sense of community and can improve an employee’s experience of their work environment.  This is especially true for employees who prefer interaction with people in general, including their coworkers, throughout the day.  This type of person may feel negatively isolated and boxed in when working in a traditional cubicle.

Open concept offices can also contribute to a happier employee by allowing them to feel they are more “in the know” and involved with what’s going on around the office.  This is especially beneficial in businesses where things are subject to change often and some employees don’t always get the news right away.  They may feel out of the loop and disconnected from their coworkers and their common goals for the business.

A few options to consider:

Herman Miller Ethospace Workstations – at 42” high, these compact workstations manage to be incredibly space efficient without making the office feel boxed in and close-quartered.

Haworth Unigroup Workstations – 42” high walls create distinct workspaces, while still allowing for open communication with nearby colleagues.

Herman Miller AO2 Workstations – only 39” high, these workstations provide ample work surface and contribute to an open, communal atmosphere.

Benefits of Traditional Designs/Closed Workspaces

Privacy is one of the greatest benefits to providing a closed workspace for your employees.  Some people just really value their privacy and have difficulty working when they feel they’re constantly open to the scrutiny of their coworkers and superiors.

Another great benefit to having traditional, higher-walled cubicles is noise reduction.  Sometimes it’s much easier to focus on important tasks when you don’t have to make a conscious effort to ignore the conversations happening around the water cooler across the way.  Having a more closed-in space can help eliminate distractions and maximize individual productivity.

Especially in a busy work environment, a closed off work space can provide a quiet, distraction-free haven and a visual barrier where you’re not constantly aware of general movement around the building.  Action happening within your peripheral vision even can cause constant disruption in the background.

A few options to consider:

Herman Miller AO2 67” Cubicles – these spacious used Herman Miller cubicles provide personal space and privacy without feeling too boxy and enclosed.

Teknion Cubicles – 64” tall walls block out noise and distractions and support overhead bins to maximize storage space.

Steelcase Answer Cubicles – 66” tall, these cubicles provide cozy, private spaces for the diligent worker who values their privacy.

Clearly there are pros and cons to each category – and for some offices, a pro for one could be a con for the next.  For example, perhaps your own employees don’t need to be in constant contact for collaboration on projects – having an open concept office might prove to be more of a distraction than a benefit to them.

Don’t jump on the bandwagon with the open designs simply because they’re in vogue at the moment, but also don’t stick with the traditional high-sided cubicles because you’re afraid of trying something new with your business.  The best thing you can do is to evaluate based on the unique needs of your specific situation and let that be the determining factor.

If you like the example designs listed above but don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, feel free browse the huge variety of used office cubicles and workstations for sale in our inventory, or contact us if you have something specific in mind.  As always, we’re happy to work with you to find the perfect solution for all your used office furniture needs!

Whichever direction you decide to take for your offices, at Integrity Wholesale Furniture we carry a wide variety of cubicles and workstations to suit the varying needs of Cleveland, Ohio businesses so you can create the perfect work environment for your employees in an environmentally friendly, cost-efficient way.

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