Take the shortcut to green tax incentives with our “green” used office furniture in Cleveland, Ohio!



Here at Integrity Wholesale Furniture we are constantly acquiring fresh new inventory for our loyal Cleveland, Ohio customers.  We know that having many affordable options is always a plus, so we love the fact that a huge part of our business involves constantly providing a wider selection of used office furniture with the same solid standard of quality you’ve come to expect, so no matter what the product is you know it can be trusted and is worth every cent.  Like many businesses, you are probably interested in receiving the same tax cuts that are applicable to companies that comply with green measures. Get those green tax cuts today with our used office furniture!  When you can get such excellent office furniture so much cheaper than purchasing from a retail store it’s inevitable that the best steals won’t stick around for long.


One listing that I can’t envision lingering for too long happens to be the Herman Miller Ethospace 6’x6′ cubicle!  This newly acquired used workstation is structurally sound and solid, just like we’ve come to expect from Ethospace cubicles and workstations in general.  This is certainly no exception.  Durably built and in great condition, this is a great option to choose.


Since Ethospace office furniture is 78% recyclable, you know it’s a great choice for an office trying to be a little more environmentally friendly.  This cubicle is, itself, made of recycled material in the first place!  And you’re making it even more ‘green’ by extending the time it’s actually in use by purchasing it used from Integrity Wholesale Furniture!


The Ethospace workstation measures 6’x6′ with 46” high panels on the spine, which drop to 38” high off-spine.  This cubicle comes complete with power down the spine with base-in power feeds, and a BFF pedestal for storage.  This Herman Miller cubicle comes in ever pleasing neutrals so it can seamlessly blend in with the rest of your office furnishings and décor.



If you’re looking for the perfect solution for your office furniture needs, you’re just a step away step away – this Herman Miller Ethospace could be just the thing!  We’ve also got the same number of matching Herman Miller Reaction chairs as well, and these two products would work very nicely together.  As was previous mentioned, inventory can change fast, but we’re always here to provide you with what you need.  Whatever the case, you can rest assured that Integrity Wholesale has you and your Cleveland, Ohio business covered, so you can always get the best “green” used office furniture at the most reasonable prices.

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