Used Haworth Office furniture for less in Cincinnati, Ohio.



Haworth has been manufacturing office furniture since the 1950s and has constructed a solid reputation for themselves over the years as being one of the best in the business.  They have literally had decades to perfect their craft, they know what works and how to create a product that will last.  For this reason we carry many used office chairs, cubicles, and workstations by Haworth in our own inventory, and today we want to showcase two of them for you – the Haworth Premise workstation, and the Haworth X99 full function task chair.  These products are both readily available for your Cincinnati, Ohio business from us here at Integrity Wholesale Furniture.


The Haworth Premise Workstation is a popular alternative to boxy, high walled cubicles.  With panels standing at only 48” high, the Premise creates a clearly designated work area with ample storage and work surface for the individual worker, while not isolating him or her from the rest of the office.  These low panels currently come in ‘silver ash’, with charcoal grey trim.


The Premise has a durable, white-speckled laminate work surface.  This surface is comprised of one 48”x30” rounded corner and two 24”x30” returns.  This used Haworth cubicle ensures there’s always a comfortable amount of space available for whatever may be needed.


The Premise cubicle has sufficient storage capacity as well.  It has one BBF pedestal and an open shelf to begin with, but with as much room as there is, there’s plenty of room to add more underneath or on top of the work surface if needed.  This cubicle comes with power down the spine, of course, with two duplexes per station.


The Haworth X99 full function task chair is a very well rounded chair in that it can take on a variety of tasks and serve a number of purposes with ease.  With a wheeled 5 pointed star shaped base and the ability to pivot all the way around, this chair is a comfortable, mobile chair that you can find any number of uses for around the office.


This used Haworth office chair has a black upholstered seat which anchors a flexible full seat back made of durable and flexible black mesh material.  The back provides comfort by conforming to the shape of your body, while an adjustable lumbar feature provides important lower back support.  Three dimensional armrests boast ultra comfy soft vinyl gel caps.


This X99 chair is mostly black – mesh back, seat upholstery, and the vinyl arms are all black.  However, the base and frame is a shiny metallic silver.  We currently have 1,000 of these chairs in stock, so we’re ready to provide you with as many as you could possibly need!


Curious about what other used Haworth office furniture we might have available?  Check out our extensive online inventory for more from Haworth, and also other names like Herman Miller and Steelcase.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Contact us.  It’s our pleasure to equip you with everything you need for your Cincinnati, Ohio office at a more affordable price.

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