We have all the best services related to used office furniture for your Midwest business.



Over the years, the furniture in your business accrues a lot of wear and tear. While there can be no doubt that long standing furniture has performed admirably, it’s probably a good time to replace some of it… especially with the exceptional prices you can get buy shopping used with Integrity Wholesale Furniture. We offer even better discounts on our products, and all of our stock is guaranteed to be faithfully represented in its condition. Most of it is 8/10 or better, and we promise that you will be satisfied with your purchase.


While we’re at it, we can buy your old office furniture back with our premium buyback service. We’ll appraise what you have, figure out how to get it out of your way, and give you one flat rate that you can count on depending on the condition and demand of your furniture.


While we offer an excellent buy-back service, we also have quite a few other great services which are aimed at making your used furniture experience even easier. For businesses that are trying to figure out the best way to configure furniture in a new environment, we have office planning services, which help you to make the most of your space.


If you have any additional questions, our experienced professionals can be easily reached through this contact form. Our main goal is to service your needs and get you the answers that you are looking for. By talking to our crew, we can give you peace of mind that extends beyond the excellent products we carry. As our previous customers will agree, we will go the extra mile in order for you to get what you need!


An example of an excellent and classic used cubicle is the iconic Herman Miller AO2. Available in numerous different models and configurations, this cubicle is virtually iconic, as it has been used in movies, television shows, and other mainstream form of media, thus putting it at the forefront of the American businesses’ conscience. The model we offer in this link is a spacious 6×8 with tall partitions. This is designed to give your employees an increased sense of ownership, which incentivizes them to work harder.


At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we one-up the competition by building working relationships with our customers and clients. We actually care that our products work for you, because it gives us peace of mind and helps build our brand on the promise of better customer care. After over 2 decades in business, there’s a reason why we are still up and running!

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