We have high quality used Steelcase office furniture in droves!




Perhaps you’ve found your way here because you’re already aware of Integrity Wholesale Furniture’s reputation for personal service when serving Columbus, Ohio businesses like your own.  However, if you are new to us, here’s one of the first things you should know:  whether you need a furniture buyback service, or you’re looking to purchase used furniture — such as our great stock in used Steelcase office furniture — we take personal pride in providing the highest quality products and services.  That’s how we’ve come to serve a large number of companies across the country which continue to make Integrity Wholesale Furniture the first place they go for all of their office furniture needs.


Give us a chance to show you how our individual attention and years of expertise can work for you!  Our furniture buyback service is top quality — and efficient, and always offering competitive pricing.  Or maybe you’re looking to purchase used office furniture.  In that case, with an inventory including thousands of quality items, we’re sure to have the best solution for your business.  From tables for your break room, to office chairs, to cubicles, we’ve got your needs covered.


One of the more popular options which is available in our inventory is a roomy Steelcase Answer cubicle with lots of storage space. This exceptional cubicle, made with all the durability and quality that Steelcase has become known for, might be the right ‘Answer’ for you!  This cubicle measures 6’x8’, providing plenty of space to move around from one area of the work surface to the next.  The sides measure 66” high, offering tranquility and privacy so your employees can be their most productive.


Both the cubicle walls and work surface are tan and cream, and the durable metal trim is a neutral grey color.  As with all of our inventory, the frame, walls, and work surface are all carefully constructed from reinforced steel and advanced polymers, and the cubicle features the great design that Steelcase office furniture has become known.  You can rest easy knowing that these used Steelcase Answer cubicles will serve you well into the future.


Fully equipped with a task light and power down the spine, this Steelcase cubicle also offers a wide suite of expansive storage options:  a locking BBF pedestal and two locking 36″ drawers provide safe places to store important information under lock and key.  A 20″x48″ binder bin adds additional overhead storage.


If you think these 6×8 Steelcase Answer cubicles are what you’re looking for, or you have addition questions about them, feel free to contact us.  We’ll be happy to help determine if our used Steelcase Office furniture items are a good choice for your situation, and if not, help you find something to perfectly suit the needs of your Columbus, Ohio business.

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